Linci Cai
Designer & Programmer
in Shanghai ☻

Senior UX designer @ Xiaohongshu


Co-founding a Web 3 startup

Social media [Founding and principal designer of the web app]
Creative collection of design principles [Design, Development]
A magazine about lifestyle and culture [Design, Development]
RDW 22
Xiaohongshu Design Week 2022 [Design, Development]
RDW 21
Xiaohongshu Design Week 2021 [Design, Development]
A designer’s portfolio [Design, Development]
Leading in IoT and intelligent logistics in China [Development]
Self initiated
(Figma Plugin) Easily navigate your workspace during presentations
Symbols30k+ users
(Figma Plugin) Better SF Symbols experience in Figma
Streamline super channel into one feed
A catalogue of best design system resources
A self reflection tool
A color picker for X11 colors
A Chinese input method trainer
(Figma Plugin) Filter layers from selection, by muiltable properties
(Figma Plugin) Fit layer to fill the container size a little 'intelligence'
(Figma Plugin) Set position and constraints and aligments to center
(Figma Plugin) Realtime resize text by dragging
(Figma Plugin) Combine and split text